Website Design

Key Features of a Website Design

Basic concepts of a web design

There are 2 concepts of a web design. Firstly, the visual presentation of a web page should be good. Secondly, it should include all the necessary information for the non-human browsers. Therefore, it can be said that a web design should fulfill the functional as well as the aesthetic requirements.

Custom Web Design

Each new site design is created based on a review of the style and web presentation elements that supports your publication online. Mock design layouts are created prior to development for publisher approval prior to development and site configuration. 


Links are important parts of a web page. Links need to be underlined so that the visitor can locate it right away. In a good web design, the color of the links usually coordinates with page colors.


Graphics are an important part of web design. The buttons in a well designed web page is never dorky and too big. In addition, every graphic link should have a matching text link. It is also important that the graphics must be used such that they load fast.


The text should neither be larger nor too small that makes it difficult to read. Moreover, a user should not face any difficulty to read them and they should not camouflage with the background color.

Flexible web support


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